How life isn’t fair.



Hello peeps:*
Reading “Its Complicated” ( previous post-my poem) got me all nostalgic. Sometimes in life, you take one step wrong and *baam*. Your whole world is shattered. One wrong decision can ruin your happiness. 

Sometimes, your happiness is related to someone else’s. When they are happy, so are you and when they are sad, all you can think about is how to make them smile again. You give too much, care too much, love too much. But the question here is, DO THEY FEEL THE SAME WAY?

You make them the centre of your world, but are you theirs? 

Sometimes, you have to give up on people because being without them will hurt you so much but, being with them will kill you everyday.




11 thoughts on “How life isn’t fair.

  1. Jaz says:

    ugh. i feel you. 😦 don’t you ever get tired of waiting for your soul mate? i thought this guy was mine, but. guess not!

    • blairanswers says:

      yeah exactly! it happened a long time back but i just feel it, you know..! there are days that i am happy and days when i just get back to it. It feels pathetic to think about it after so long.
      *Waiting for my Chuck Bass:/

  2. blairanswers says:

    What happened with this guy and you?

  3. Jaz says:

    But I think he knew this girl for a long time. Lots of history. Will be hard to get over. And I’ll always wonder about it until I finally understand it fully.

  4. blairanswers says:

    doesn’t life suck? If they have history, then be careful. In my experience, history always wins. Get to know him better? and more importantly, ask yourself, is he worth it?

  5. jaz says:

    I think he’s my other half. That’s why the not knowing….is so frustrating. But I’ve never been wrong about a feeling. Never.

    • blairanswers says:

      What about the hints? Does he imply something? like by his actions..?

      • jaz says:

        It’s not solely his actions. He’s only human as am I…it’s like the too coincidental times we saw each other again. It’s the fact that I cannot easily figure him out unlike with most people I have met who I can see right through their “fronts”…it’s more the bigger details, the smaller ones only confirm it all. Hard to explain.

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