is it love? Confused. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?

He means the world to you.
He makes you very happy.
You always want him around.
He is the most important person in your life.
You can do anything for him.
He is the only one who can make you cry and even laugh the loudest.
You don’t want him to have a serious girlfriend.
You want him around all the time and want to talk to him all day.


You don’t want to be physical with him.
You feel weird when he holds your hand.
You don’t care if he sleeps with anyone unless he’s serious for her.
You don’t care if he has casual hook ups, in fact, encourage him for them.




How life isn’t fair.



Hello peeps:*
Reading “Its Complicated” ( previous post-my poem) got me all nostalgic. Sometimes in life, you take one step wrong and *baam*. Your whole world is shattered. One wrong decision can ruin your happiness. 

Sometimes, your happiness is related to someone else’s. When they are happy, so are you and when they are sad, all you can think about is how to make them smile again. You give too much, care too much, love too much. But the question here is, DO THEY FEEL THE SAME WAY?

You make them the centre of your world, but are you theirs? 

Sometimes, you have to give up on people because being without them will hurt you so much but, being with them will kill you everyday.



Its Complicated.


Hello peeps:*
So not saying anything! This one speaks for itself. And well, shit happens 🙂

When we were friends,
Everything was so much fun.
We could laugh all day, watch the sun.

Love, it complicates stuff.
I Had to face times so rough,
I started getting expectations.
Hopes, out of our relation.

N when you expect what you don’t get
Life seems death. Nothings set.
I want the time when we were buddies,
we were Always together, closer than hubbies.

Now everything’s so complex.
I miss the time, when I was your reflex.
Together, we were strong
unbreakable was our bond.

But now you’re a goner
N I feel like a looner.
Coz I didn’t just lose the love of my life,
I lost my best frnd, with you, I felt alive.

I don’t know what to do,Everything’s wrong.
So here for you, I write a song.
If you can’t be my lover,
Be my friend, like we used to be together.

I want that time back, when I didn’t care
N life, then, it seemed fair 🙂


Sometimes you cross a line, and you can’t go back. Even if you wish to. I wish we hadn’t crossed that line.


Girl Code 101


Hello peeps:*
So my friend, Katherine and I, we wrote this girl code which is basically bro code for girls. I think every girl should stick to it with their besties;;)

NOTE: Girls are referred to as *Chica* here onwards. And guys are called *Stronzos*

 GIRL CODE 101  :

Chicas are always each others numero uno priority! No other Chica or stronzo can come in the middle or take their place.
For Eg: If one chica is getting more friendly with a third chica, then the second chica has all the rights to bitch slap her.

Chicas tell each other EVERYTHING. No matter how insignificantly small the thing is.
For Eg: If one chica looses a hair pin, she tells the other chic immediately, without fail.

Whatever one chica tells the other, it stays within them, no one outside them is to ever know about it.
For eg: If one chica commented on the others boyfriend, the other chica in no conditions goes and tells her boyfriend about it.

Chicas stick together….always! Wherever one chica goes, the other goes too!
For Eg: if one chica wants to hang out with group A and the other wants to hang out with Group B, then they ditch both the group and hangout with each other instead.

If some one says something to one chica, the other chica defends her.
For Eg: if the third chica said something bad about the first chica, the second chica can kill her 🙂

In no no condition does one chica ditch the other one for a stronzo
For Eg: If both the chicas like the same stronzo, they tell him to f*** off.

Chica tries her best to help the other chica get a stronzo she likes.
For Eg: They make elaborate plans and schemes to get the stronzo to madly fall in love with the chica.

Chicas are always there for each other when some stronzo messes up.
For Eg: If a stronzo cheated one the first chica, the second chica kicks him in the balls.

If Chica one is upset, the second chica comes to her place with tubs of her favorite ice cream, and have a movie marathon with a blanket.
PS: If the reason for her being upset is a stronzo, refer to rule no. 7

Both chicas agree that all stronzos are STRONZOS ( if you don’t know what stronzo mean, please google it)
For Eg: no example needed. 🙂

If chica one wants to rant about how love sucks and life sucks etc, the other chica is always there agreeing and ranting along with her.
For Eg: Chica 1: Love is so overrated.
Chica 2: i know right, Love sucks! We don’t need stronzos in our lives! We are strong,               independent chicas.

Bitching is compulsory for the friendship to survive. It is the holy thread that bonds the chicas.
For Eg: chica1: OMG! She is such an attention seeker! I hate her!
chica2: You are sooo right! Look at the way she’s acting around that stronzo.

If Chica one hates someone, He/she is automatically chica two’s enemy too! Irrespective of if you know him/her or not.
For Eg: In no condition are you to talk to that hated person, unless you’re insulting them or shouting at them.

Both the chicas get ready together for parties. ( at this point, its understood that they don’t go to parties without each other)
PS: if for some reason they can’t dress up together, they always know what the other chica is wearing.

Chicas always go for meni-pedis together.
PS: they paint their nails the same color too.

If chica one is drunk, the other chica handles her and takes care of her.
PS: In the next party, its the other way round 😉

It is compulsory for both the chicas to talk everyday and discuss the days events, including the stronzos that happened.
PS: this is usually at night on Skype.

If one of the chicas isn’t sleepy, the other one stays awake to talk to her.

Chicas always read books together and then discuss those books and the characters.
PS: same goes for tv shows or movies or songs etc.

In no condition, does one chica lie to another chica.

Ex, crushes, etc. of one chica are off limits for the other chica
PS: duh.

Chicas treat Girl Code 101 as much more serious than bro code 101 or even the bible. They follow Girl Code 101 by head, heart and soul.

NOTE: If Chica 1 breaks any of the rules of Girl code 101:
1.Chica 2 gets bragging rights for lifetime for being the superior one.
2. Chica 1 gets her ass kicked.
3.Chica 1 has to treat chica 2 on the weekends for a year.

Although, they still remain friends, because friendship is all about love and forgiveness.

Girl Code 101 continues in future posts, this is it for now.


So I started writing this story……

Hello peeps:*
I wrote this and i want your reviews 🙂

Angel Bass
I was late for school. Againnn..! And my mom was pissed because i missed my bus..Again! This was the 5th time this week. I agree that the first two times were my fault, but after that, i kinda sort of was missing it on purpose.
It pissed my best friend, Duke, but well, everything cannot Go according to him, no matter how much he tries to convince people about it. I picked up my bag and tapped my foot,desperately waiting it to be 7:30 am. I had to just sit for another 5 mins to make sure that I’d be late again, so i could see *HIM*.
I heard my mom shout, ” Angelllll, hurry up, you’ll miss your bus againnn, n this time, you will have to bike, I’m not driving you! “
I signed, ” comingggg”
I got up, quickly checked myself out in the mirror and walked down.
My mom, ” Angellll”
She saw me coming and continued in a lower tone,
” here are your keys, you missed your bus and I’m not driving so go, bike away”
I grabbed the keys and mumbled a barely audible okay.
I grabbed my ipod and started biking towards school. I started thinking back to the first day i saw HIM…
i was late for schol and i was so sure that Miss Rachael was going to kill me, not literally but humiliate me? She would not miss it! what in the world did this woman have against me, probably it had something to do with me being duke’s best friend and duke being duke. Well, duke was that kinda guy, all teachers hated him, most students loved him. In short he was the trouble maker sort but he was fun to be with. Being his friend though had most teachers hate me too, especially miss rachel. I snapped out of my thoughts, switching off my ipod , running up the stairs, multi-tasking, and i banned into a wall. I started falling back but then steel fingers grabbed my arm and i felt a sudden jolt, like the good one. Confused i looked up, and saw the most beautiful green eyes ever. His hair were all messed up, and looked like sea waves, well, if waves were black. His face looked concerned. I decided on the spot, this is the most handsome guy i’d seen..ever.!
The green eyed guy asked me, “you okay? You look a little pale.”
I realized then that i was holding my breathe and took a deep one, ” yeah! I was just, not looking i’m late and ohh shit! I’m late im dead miss rachel oh shit shit shit.!!”
The sea waves guy looked amused by my reaction and freed my arm, he put his hand forward and said, ” hey,im damon i know you are late but, my place, after school …”
He smirked the “i know im so hot that you have to give me what i want” smirk.
I looked at his hand and then his face. I couldnt believe this guy! I jus met him 10 seconds ago and he already thinks im gonna sleep with him? Oh gawd! What an asshole! I hate suchh guys!! Urghh! I ignored his hand, made a face and ran towards class. I felt dissapointed, knowing that i couldnt expect anything else! Those looks, damn eyes and you get used to girls being all over yourself. Uhh..pity.! My thoughts turned to terror when i saw miss Rachel already teaching. I opened the door and started walking inside.
” Ahh so if its not Miss Bass delighting us by showing up”
I turned half red, looked at my empty seat, next to duke of course, and started ” miss rach.”
Miss rachel cut me off, “get out and stay there for the rest of the class.”

I turned and stopped in my track. At the door stood DAMON, n he was smiling at me. He probably heard everything. I made a face at him and started walking to get out asap. As i reached the door, plotting miss rachel’s murder, damon came forward and stopped me. He turned to miss rachel and
Said calmly, ” miss rachel im a new student here, damon mcflurry, and Angel was helping me”
I was surprised to see this guy defend me, i looked at miss rachel hopefully and to my greatest shock, she smiled at him. Ive never ever seen her smile before.
Miss rachel said, in her sweetest voice, ” ohh okay, damon, why dont you come forward and tell us about yourself? And Angel, go sit.”
She didnt even look at me, but with damon’s green eyes, i dont even blame her.
I turned and started walking towards duke, when damon whispered in my ear, ” you owe me one, kittten”
I was both excited and annoyed at him, not because he saved me, that i was thankful for, but because of his over confident i know it all smirk and the comment earlier.
I tried to ignore what just happened and pay attention to miss rachel. I had a theory about her. Actually i ha a theory about everyone. I felt that miss rachel cared for me in her own way. She was rude to me only because she didnt like the company i hanged in, but that wasnt her decision to make now, was it? And duke, well, me n duke had been friends for a year now, when he transferred here from LA. We kicked it of from the first time, despite him being the kinda guys i hate, you know all those flirts and all? He was all those one night stands and purely physical kinda guy. Initially, he tried to hit on me, but i made it totally clear that im just not that kinda girl and i think he respects that about me. But the way he treats other girl, well, that disgusts me. Totally. Thats the reason i ran away and was so pissed at this “damon” guy. Because im just not that kind of girl.

DAMON…hmmm im not even sure whats hotter, his name or him. Gawd, i used to think duke is d hottest guy i know with blue eyes and brown hair, but that just changed like, 15 minutes ago, when i saw damon…DAMON, bloody shallow, one minded hawt psycho, annoyingly over confident ass…i hate guys with so much confidence, it makes me want destroy that superiority thing they have around them.

As i was lost in my thoughts, i heard the bell ring and class was over. I looked around with shielded eyes, to look for damon, not because i liked him or something, i was just curious about what he was doing. And to my utter surprise..NOT, he was surrounded by girls from all sides, and laughing at something he said, stood kate.

Gawd i hated kate, okay, maybe not hate, but i definitely didnt like her. She was one of those who’d do anything to get your attention. She would literally throw herself on guys, with no dignity, none at all. I still remember how she acted around duke, but somehow, seeing her with damon n him smiling back at her made me hate her.. Yes hate this time. I was so disgusted that i just walked out the door, not caring if duke followed.
But what i over heard was pretty shocking,
” so after school at my house, im throwing a party..” that was damon’s voice, i was sure because it made my heart skip a beat, n his was d only one that did this to me. Yet.
I literlyy ran out of the class, embarassed now, realizing that he only meant to ask me to a party. Okay, now he probably thinks im a weird bitch :/

but then whhy did he save me earlier? Probably to show his superiority. Sigh, i shook my head. I jus have to not think about it. I need to concentrate on my studies because this was my last year and i was supposed to be scoring good to get into a nice college. i walked to my locker, to take my books and get ready for the next class.

As i started opening it, i heard damon’s deep voice
” hey there kitten! Where’d you go?”
I turned, annoyed by my heart’s reaction to this guy,

” kitten?”

i wanted to do that one eybrow lift but i couldnt do it, but i successfully made a sarcastic face.
Damon smiled, no smirked like he smirks n said,

” well, yeahh, your eyes remind me of a kitten and your expression when you smile, actually the whole of you reminds me of a cat, so yes kitten”
I didnt even know if that was a compliment.
I looked in his smiling eyes and said,

” well, we just met an hour ago and you thought so much about me and my eyes?”
If possible, damon’s smile grew even wider as he leaned forward and whispered,

” well, these were my thoughts when i saw you for the first time, and for the record, most of my one hour was spent thinking about you.”
my heart skipped a beat again. This stupid thing should probably stop bothering to beat in his presence, i quickly composed my face, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he surprised me,
I rolled my eyes, trying to look bored n said,

” well, too bad you had nothing better to do.”
If possible, he leaned in a bit more, his nose almost touching mine, and i stopped breathing.

I should not do that to in his prensence, breathe you know, because i anyways dont breathe half the time when he’s around.
He looked me in the eyes and said,

” ohh its the best i have to do”
I was thinking hard, to form a good response when i heard a loud and irritated voice from behind,

” you mind moving dude, and getting yourself off my locker?”

Damon abruptly moved away and walked off, winking at me.
I turned then, finally taking a long deep breathe to look at duke staring at me disapprovingly. He seemed pissed.
” what happened?” i asked him
” stay away from him, he looks like trouble.”
I was kinda annoyed, ready to point out that thats what people said about duke, but i decided against it.
Instead, i smiled at him and said

” yeah i know, and anyways, he’s not my type.
He looked at me, still frowning and said with something close to jealousy,

” i just know his kinds, so just, stay away, like as away as you can, and if be bothers you, i wont mind beating the shit out of him”

thats it for now ;;)

Heart-Broken </3


Hello peeps:*
No matter how many times I read this one, I feel the pain as if it happened yesterday. No more to say, here it goes :


You don’t care, then why do I do?
Like it effects me, did it ever effect you too?

Does it matter to you at all?
Do you know how bad was my fall?
Do you know what you did to me?

once I was so free,
Strong like steel-unbreakable.
How did you make me so brittle?

But that’s okay I guess,
You were fake and I got into a mess.
I believed you and hurt myself
But no one matters to you other than yourself.

But I don’t get why did you lie,
You know how everyday inside I die.

Why did you pretend?
Was this how you planned it to end?

Me, unbreakable broke into a million part
Bcoz I forgot this is what you do, hurt people, this is your art. 🙂


Fairytales do come true!!!….Well, at least in this poem :p


Hello peeps:*
So here is one of my good happy poems ;;) I wish my life was like this poem..*dreaming* 
Here it goes:


I never believed in fairytales,
I never knew that boat sails.
I always thought happy endings don’t exist
No one, nothings worth the risk.

But then I met you,
You taught me what love can do,
You made me believe in happy endings
N that love needs no mending.

You blew me away like the wind
I felt like a butterfly, with musical wings.
Life felt good, everything was pretty
I felt so much love, like a little kitty.

You taught me that I can depend,
That there was true love, no pretend.
You treated me like a princess,
N never let me in distress.

You were always there,
Whenever I needed you here.
You made me believe in soulmates
Those rom-coms, now, I could relate.

You showed me love, n so much care,
Imagining a second without you, I couldn’t dare.
You taught me what true love meant,
I could do anything for your smile, without resent.

But then came, that huge fight
I thought I lost u, I lost my light.
I felt you’d leave me now,
N I couldn’t imagine living somehow.

But you took my hand n told me,
That no fight, could break us, coz we’re meant to be.
You told me that whatever came through any hurdle,
Nothing matters, coz I love you, n thats the truth.

That is when I realized,
that fairytales do exist, n you’re my prince.
N this is not possible, I’m sure,
But somehow,I love you even more than before.<3