Its Complicated.


Hello peeps:*
So not saying anything! This one speaks for itself. And well, shit happens 🙂

When we were friends,
Everything was so much fun.
We could laugh all day, watch the sun.

Love, it complicates stuff.
I Had to face times so rough,
I started getting expectations.
Hopes, out of our relation.

N when you expect what you don’t get
Life seems death. Nothings set.
I want the time when we were buddies,
we were Always together, closer than hubbies.

Now everything’s so complex.
I miss the time, when I was your reflex.
Together, we were strong
unbreakable was our bond.

But now you’re a goner
N I feel like a looner.
Coz I didn’t just lose the love of my life,
I lost my best frnd, with you, I felt alive.

I don’t know what to do,Everything’s wrong.
So here for you, I write a song.
If you can’t be my lover,
Be my friend, like we used to be together.

I want that time back, when I didn’t care
N life, then, it seemed fair 🙂


Sometimes you cross a line, and you can’t go back. Even if you wish to. I wish we hadn’t crossed that line.



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