Random songs…and thoughts

IF our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?
I’m in here, can anybody see me know?
Coz nothing ever hurt like you
The pieces don’t fit anymore
One last chance
If i loose myself tonight, It’ll be by your side
Somebody that i used to know
We say goodbye in the pouring rain and i break down as you walk away, stayyy
i should go, I’m just a little shaken by whats going on inside
your winter, i don’t want to be anyones excuse to cry
when you get what you want but not what you need,  STUCK IN REVERSE…
I will try to fix you….

Do you ever look at you ex, being all happy with his girl and feel a sting? I mean, does it get you all pissed off that he’s happy and i am not?
When you know that you deserve to be much happier than any of them. Why do bad people get happy endings, when the good ones are suffering. I mean. how is that fair? 
Is it because you expect too much? and even if you lower your expectations, does it make you truly happy? like from the inside…
Like you are happy, as happy as you can get and then pop…. there goes the bubble and your back to square one…all the hurt and sadness comes falling down on you…?
like if you have seen level  10 of happiness, you  can never be happy at level 6, even though all you knew was level 6 and it was enough at that time.
So, being truly happy at a point of time is just bad for you.
Because, it won’t last forever.
And when it goes away, what made you happy earlier just isn’t enough anymore…


Its Complicated.


Hello peeps:*
So not saying anything! This one speaks for itself. And well, shit happens 🙂

When we were friends,
Everything was so much fun.
We could laugh all day, watch the sun.

Love, it complicates stuff.
I Had to face times so rough,
I started getting expectations.
Hopes, out of our relation.

N when you expect what you don’t get
Life seems death. Nothings set.
I want the time when we were buddies,
we were Always together, closer than hubbies.

Now everything’s so complex.
I miss the time, when I was your reflex.
Together, we were strong
unbreakable was our bond.

But now you’re a goner
N I feel like a looner.
Coz I didn’t just lose the love of my life,
I lost my best frnd, with you, I felt alive.

I don’t know what to do,Everything’s wrong.
So here for you, I write a song.
If you can’t be my lover,
Be my friend, like we used to be together.

I want that time back, when I didn’t care
N life, then, it seemed fair 🙂


Sometimes you cross a line, and you can’t go back. Even if you wish to. I wish we hadn’t crossed that line.


Heart-Broken </3


Hello peeps:*
No matter how many times I read this one, I feel the pain as if it happened yesterday. No more to say, here it goes :


You don’t care, then why do I do?
Like it effects me, did it ever effect you too?

Does it matter to you at all?
Do you know how bad was my fall?
Do you know what you did to me?

once I was so free,
Strong like steel-unbreakable.
How did you make me so brittle?

But that’s okay I guess,
You were fake and I got into a mess.
I believed you and hurt myself
But no one matters to you other than yourself.

But I don’t get why did you lie,
You know how everyday inside I die.

Why did you pretend?
Was this how you planned it to end?

Me, unbreakable broke into a million part
Bcoz I forgot this is what you do, hurt people, this is your art. 🙂


One of my Poems.


Hello peeps:*
So this is the poem closest to my heart. Its my story of *Our Past* Basically, my friend and I, we went through the same stuff, when she came over for the Summer, 2012. I wrote this so that anytime either of us got weak, we’d read and stay strong.

Wrote it during *my great depression*
Not much to say. here it goes:

Our story
Summer of
Let me tell you a story sadly true
There were 2 friends,
2 people hated pretends.They met after a long time,
Together, they were partners in crime
Highest of egos, smartest of all
Never ever, they imagined they could fall.

Then they came across two players,
They tricked the girls with truth n dares
They said they loved, said they cared
But watever they said, only lies declared.

They melted the girls with witty ways
Without them, the girl couldn’t imagine a day.
they were tricked, they were cheated
They didn’t even like the way they were treated.

The girls, smart but dumb wen it came to these jerks
Unconsciously, did wat they asked, like clerks
They had a gut feeling,
that something’s wrong with what they are dealing.

But they were blinded by love n care n all the  fake
That the right decisions, they couldn’t make.

They got pulled in again n again
By these dirty, asshole, worthless men.As it had to happen, in August
The dogs broke the girls’ trust.
They were heartbroken, hurt, the pain would just grow..n grow..
But what they went through,the ego, won’t let them show.

In a way, the ego saved them, pretending nothing happened
Hiding the pain, they tried to blend.
No matter how they would break down at night n cry,
they were big girls, so they faked a smile wry.

With a lot of self criticize,
they realized,
they were so blind, all “they” did seemed like a crime,
Wondering, “Were we drunk the whole time?”

And as Stronger they became,
Everything, every emotion now seemed lame.
They blamed it all on themselves,
“How couldn’t we be smart enough ourselves?”

Seeing those creeps, even saying their names, Felt like an abuse
So together on new years, they made a truce,
” No more crying, no more caring”
No more weeping, no more talking , no more sharing”

Sure those mfs would try to come back to trap,
Bt this time, we won’t fall for their crap.
They felt prouder than ever, necks up high,
They wod never ever now cry.

They would move on from this bullshit,
All the songs, nothing mattered, not a bit.
N they were fine, they enjoyed life,
Carried on d drive.

But sometimes, alone at night,
When dere was no light,
From their eyes, A little tear would glint
Wishing, hoping, that everything was different.