Heart-Broken </3


Hello peeps:*
No matter how many times I read this one, I feel the pain as if it happened yesterday. No more to say, here it goes :


You don’t care, then why do I do?
Like it effects me, did it ever effect you too?

Does it matter to you at all?
Do you know how bad was my fall?
Do you know what you did to me?

once I was so free,
Strong like steel-unbreakable.
How did you make me so brittle?

But that’s okay I guess,
You were fake and I got into a mess.
I believed you and hurt myself
But no one matters to you other than yourself.

But I don’t get why did you lie,
You know how everyday inside I die.

Why did you pretend?
Was this how you planned it to end?

Me, unbreakable broke into a million part
Bcoz I forgot this is what you do, hurt people, this is your art. 🙂



Fairytales do come true!!!….Well, at least in this poem :p


Hello peeps:*
So here is one of my good happy poems ;;) I wish my life was like this poem..*dreaming* 
Here it goes:


I never believed in fairytales,
I never knew that boat sails.
I always thought happy endings don’t exist
No one, nothings worth the risk.

But then I met you,
You taught me what love can do,
You made me believe in happy endings
N that love needs no mending.

You blew me away like the wind
I felt like a butterfly, with musical wings.
Life felt good, everything was pretty
I felt so much love, like a little kitty.

You taught me that I can depend,
That there was true love, no pretend.
You treated me like a princess,
N never let me in distress.

You were always there,
Whenever I needed you here.
You made me believe in soulmates
Those rom-coms, now, I could relate.

You showed me love, n so much care,
Imagining a second without you, I couldn’t dare.
You taught me what true love meant,
I could do anything for your smile, without resent.

But then came, that huge fight
I thought I lost u, I lost my light.
I felt you’d leave me now,
N I couldn’t imagine living somehow.

But you took my hand n told me,
That no fight, could break us, coz we’re meant to be.
You told me that whatever came through any hurdle,
Nothing matters, coz I love you, n thats the truth.

That is when I realized,
that fairytales do exist, n you’re my prince.
N this is not possible, I’m sure,
But somehow,I love you even more than before.<3