One of my Poems.


Hello peeps:*
So this is the poem closest to my heart. Its my story of *Our Past* Basically, my friend and I, we went through the same stuff, when she came over for the Summer, 2012. I wrote this so that anytime either of us got weak, we’d read and stay strong.

Wrote it during *my great depression*
Not much to say. here it goes:

Our story
Summer of
Let me tell you a story sadly true
There were 2 friends,
2 people hated pretends.They met after a long time,
Together, they were partners in crime
Highest of egos, smartest of all
Never ever, they imagined they could fall.

Then they came across two players,
They tricked the girls with truth n dares
They said they loved, said they cared
But watever they said, only lies declared.

They melted the girls with witty ways
Without them, the girl couldn’t imagine a day.
they were tricked, they were cheated
They didn’t even like the way they were treated.

The girls, smart but dumb wen it came to these jerks
Unconsciously, did wat they asked, like clerks
They had a gut feeling,
that something’s wrong with what they are dealing.

But they were blinded by love n care n all the  fake
That the right decisions, they couldn’t make.

They got pulled in again n again
By these dirty, asshole, worthless men.As it had to happen, in August
The dogs broke the girls’ trust.
They were heartbroken, hurt, the pain would just grow..n grow..
But what they went through,the ego, won’t let them show.

In a way, the ego saved them, pretending nothing happened
Hiding the pain, they tried to blend.
No matter how they would break down at night n cry,
they were big girls, so they faked a smile wry.

With a lot of self criticize,
they realized,
they were so blind, all “they” did seemed like a crime,
Wondering, “Were we drunk the whole time?”

And as Stronger they became,
Everything, every emotion now seemed lame.
They blamed it all on themselves,
“How couldn’t we be smart enough ourselves?”

Seeing those creeps, even saying their names, Felt like an abuse
So together on new years, they made a truce,
” No more crying, no more caring”
No more weeping, no more talking , no more sharing”

Sure those mfs would try to come back to trap,
Bt this time, we won’t fall for their crap.
They felt prouder than ever, necks up high,
They wod never ever now cry.

They would move on from this bullshit,
All the songs, nothing mattered, not a bit.
N they were fine, they enjoyed life,
Carried on d drive.

But sometimes, alone at night,
When dere was no light,
From their eyes, A little tear would glint
Wishing, hoping, that everything was different.