Girl Code 101


Hello peeps:*
So my friend, Katherine and I, we wrote this girl code which is basically bro code for girls. I think every girl should stick to it with their besties;;)

NOTE: Girls are referred to as *Chica* here onwards. And guys are called *Stronzos*

 GIRL CODE 101  :

Chicas are always each others numero uno priority! No other Chica or stronzo can come in the middle or take their place.
For Eg: If one chica is getting more friendly with a third chica, then the second chica has all the rights to bitch slap her.

Chicas tell each other EVERYTHING. No matter how insignificantly small the thing is.
For Eg: If one chica looses a hair pin, she tells the other chic immediately, without fail.

Whatever one chica tells the other, it stays within them, no one outside them is to ever know about it.
For eg: If one chica commented on the others boyfriend, the other chica in no conditions goes and tells her boyfriend about it.

Chicas stick together….always! Wherever one chica goes, the other goes too!
For Eg: if one chica wants to hang out with group A and the other wants to hang out with Group B, then they ditch both the group and hangout with each other instead.

If some one says something to one chica, the other chica defends her.
For Eg: if the third chica said something bad about the first chica, the second chica can kill her 🙂

In no no condition does one chica ditch the other one for a stronzo
For Eg: If both the chicas like the same stronzo, they tell him to f*** off.

Chica tries her best to help the other chica get a stronzo she likes.
For Eg: They make elaborate plans and schemes to get the stronzo to madly fall in love with the chica.

Chicas are always there for each other when some stronzo messes up.
For Eg: If a stronzo cheated one the first chica, the second chica kicks him in the balls.

If Chica one is upset, the second chica comes to her place with tubs of her favorite ice cream, and have a movie marathon with a blanket.
PS: If the reason for her being upset is a stronzo, refer to rule no. 7

Both chicas agree that all stronzos are STRONZOS ( if you don’t know what stronzo mean, please google it)
For Eg: no example needed. 🙂

If chica one wants to rant about how love sucks and life sucks etc, the other chica is always there agreeing and ranting along with her.
For Eg: Chica 1: Love is so overrated.
Chica 2: i know right, Love sucks! We don’t need stronzos in our lives! We are strong,               independent chicas.

Bitching is compulsory for the friendship to survive. It is the holy thread that bonds the chicas.
For Eg: chica1: OMG! She is such an attention seeker! I hate her!
chica2: You are sooo right! Look at the way she’s acting around that stronzo.

If Chica one hates someone, He/she is automatically chica two’s enemy too! Irrespective of if you know him/her or not.
For Eg: In no condition are you to talk to that hated person, unless you’re insulting them or shouting at them.

Both the chicas get ready together for parties. ( at this point, its understood that they don’t go to parties without each other)
PS: if for some reason they can’t dress up together, they always know what the other chica is wearing.

Chicas always go for meni-pedis together.
PS: they paint their nails the same color too.

If chica one is drunk, the other chica handles her and takes care of her.
PS: In the next party, its the other way round 😉

It is compulsory for both the chicas to talk everyday and discuss the days events, including the stronzos that happened.
PS: this is usually at night on Skype.

If one of the chicas isn’t sleepy, the other one stays awake to talk to her.

Chicas always read books together and then discuss those books and the characters.
PS: same goes for tv shows or movies or songs etc.

In no condition, does one chica lie to another chica.

Ex, crushes, etc. of one chica are off limits for the other chica
PS: duh.

Chicas treat Girl Code 101 as much more serious than bro code 101 or even the bible. They follow Girl Code 101 by head, heart and soul.

NOTE: If Chica 1 breaks any of the rules of Girl code 101:
1.Chica 2 gets bragging rights for lifetime for being the superior one.
2. Chica 1 gets her ass kicked.
3.Chica 1 has to treat chica 2 on the weekends for a year.

Although, they still remain friends, because friendship is all about love and forgiveness.

Girl Code 101 continues in future posts, this is it for now.



4 thoughts on “Girl Code 101

  1. jazponders says:

    Don’t have too many rules for friendship. It’s too much work. Just love your friends as best as you can. Tell them the truth, even if it hurts. Love them because people do shitty things and it doesnt matter in the end. Want the best for your friends, at all times.

    Be happy and dont stress over the small stuff. Every time i concern myself with details, i am unhappy.
    🙂 be happy, like bob marley says.

  2. Jaz says:

    I finally read this thoroughly and I agree. If my friends tell me something, I do it. Just as I expect them to do the same for me. I get this now.
    I do.
    Girl code is important. (But boys aren’t absolutely dumb. They just like being don’t get girl code as much as we don’t get boy code and oh shit…you are correct.)


  3. blairanswers says:

    well ! Thankyou! 😀
    and i feel that as much as it is important, most girls don’t actually follow it! I can’t even count the times i have been ditched by my friends for guys! I always prefers friends before guys but that is not how every girl feels, even if they should. Finding this is very rare and if you do find this kind of friend ( a girl with some morals) don’t ever let her go coz they are very rare. 🙂

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