Fairytales do come true!!!….Well, at least in this poem :p


Hello peeps:*
So here is one of my good happy poems ;;) I wish my life was like this poem..*dreaming* 
Here it goes:


I never believed in fairytales,
I never knew that boat sails.
I always thought happy endings don’t exist
No one, nothings worth the risk.

But then I met you,
You taught me what love can do,
You made me believe in happy endings
N that love needs no mending.

You blew me away like the wind
I felt like a butterfly, with musical wings.
Life felt good, everything was pretty
I felt so much love, like a little kitty.

You taught me that I can depend,
That there was true love, no pretend.
You treated me like a princess,
N never let me in distress.

You were always there,
Whenever I needed you here.
You made me believe in soulmates
Those rom-coms, now, I could relate.

You showed me love, n so much care,
Imagining a second without you, I couldn’t dare.
You taught me what true love meant,
I could do anything for your smile, without resent.

But then came, that huge fight
I thought I lost u, I lost my light.
I felt you’d leave me now,
N I couldn’t imagine living somehow.

But you took my hand n told me,
That no fight, could break us, coz we’re meant to be.
You told me that whatever came through any hurdle,
Nothing matters, coz I love you, n thats the truth.

That is when I realized,
that fairytales do exist, n you’re my prince.
N this is not possible, I’m sure,
But somehow,I love you even more than before.<3




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